These are my lingo (lim+goh), my papa and my mama. Papa lim chow nee (70 years old), Mama goh lian chwee (63 years old) . They love singing, they always pratice at home before they have any singing performance. My papa like to record his singing with mama. He played the cassete in his car everyday. Every night, before he sleep he will play his singing cassete again. When my papa was young he likes to join choir very much. At the end, he give up because he got to work day and night. Now he has retire, he decided to form his own choir team. He did it, he is the leader now . He provide venue, vehicle and food. Every tue and sun, is his choir pratice. He likes to cook 'dong shui' and kuih muih for his member. He willing to do this, this is his hobby after his retiring life.

Every morning, my mama goes dancing with a group of friend. They have to wear red T-shirt as their uniform. From far you are see a group of people in red very clear and outstanding. After dancing, they will having breakfest together. Sometimes my mama will cook some dishes and bring over to share with her friends. They are forever happy and noise. My mama's car always prepare small chair for her to chit chat after dancing.
Both of them are very enjoy their life. They are forever active in social life. I am so proud of my papa and mama. Please do take care and love yourself ya. Love you, your daughter amei.

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diane said...

this is what we called enjoy life.
Knowing what you like and doing it.
I admire your parents' attitude, must learn to grow old in a healthy and happy manner. :)